Top Five Apps to download when visiting Dubai.

Top Five Apps to download when visiting Dubai.

Whether moving here, a visitor, or a long-term resident, there are a few apps that I recommend to make any amount of time in Dubai easier!  In no particular order…


  • Careem. I was an early adopter of the app (back in 2014), and haven’t looked back (sorry not sorry, Uber and their treatment of women among other misgivings can jump off a bridge, I don’t care how epic riding in a Tesla is).  Careem is my go-to for any time I need a driver.  Given I live in a location where taxis seldom frequent (not to mention my Type A tendencies to make advance bookings), I use Careem a minimum of once a week and often much more.  As a frequent solo female rider, I always feel safe.  My husband uses it when he attends meetings where parking is difficult, and they are always our reliable ride to the airport.  The app is not entirely without its flaws, but when it comes to customer service, they are quick to respond and have always made this right.  The best part of all?  Not having to worry about having cash or making change!Available on: iTunes/Android – Free.

  • The Entertainer.  This is another app I’ve been using for years (literally since 2007).  If you have guests, or like saving money, this app (now paperless) is the ONLY way to go.  I prefer the Fine Dining, Travel, and main versions, but there’s also offers for Spa and Families.  For the most part, I find using the app just once pays for itself immediately (especially if booking a buy one get one free hotel night).  If there are friends and family in town, this is an excellent option to cut costs and save your dizzles to explore more of the city.  And if you like trying new things or a day of ‘treat yo self’ this is a necessary purchase.Available on: iTunes/Android – While the app is free, prices vary for each version.

  • Zomato.  Not only am I an ambassador, but I’m also a client!  I first start using the app when checking out reviews of local restaurants.  Then, of course, I started adding my own reviews.  I enjoy hearing what others had to say, and what to look forward to when dining out.  Of course, that’s not all the app offers.  You can order food from many local restaurants, share your opinions, and with Zomato Gold, there are also opportunities to save money on bars and lounges.  Businesses can also interact for free with Zomato for Business.  Sure, we might not have Yelp, but this is equivalent and very user-friendly.Available on: iTunes/Android – Free (Zomato Gold does involve a fee).

  • Guava Pass.  While I am a massive fan of Flywheel, for fitness enthusiasts, if you want variety, there is nothing better than Guava Pass.  For all kinds of group fitness classes in the city, this is the go-to app to sort your schedule.  The app is free, and there are various membership tiers offered at different pricing levels.  With classes offered around the city at all times of day, there are no excuses not to work out.Available on: iTunes/Android – Free.

  • Dubizzle.  What Craigslist is to the USA, Dubizzle is to Dubai.  From finding a flat to getting rid of furniture to buy or selling a car, this is the app that makes it all possible.  I will warn you that by placing something on this app, you may get a number of calls asking ‘best price’ however, if you’re looking for secondhand anything, this is the best place to start.Available on: iTunes/Android – Free.

No, this is not a sponsored post!  I genuinely think these are the best applications in Dubai.

What do you use in Dubai?  What would you recommend to a visitor?

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