My Top Dishes of May 2017.

My Top Dishes of May 2017.

Starting in the Maldives, then to Italy and dining across the UAE, May 2017 has been a busy month, indeed!

In no particular order:

  • Tandoori scallops, Orientale.  The sweet simplicity of this dish blew me away.  Having a perfectly cooked protein stand on its own = a winning plate.
  • Smoked octopus, Jean-Georges Kitchen.  Everything about this dish is right (plating, flavor, texture).
  • Stuffed Pepper with Bucatini pasta, baked olives, capers and light redfish ragout, Un Piano Nel Cielo (review forthcoming).

An honorable mention goes to our entire meal at La Tablita (review also coming soon).

Did you have anything particularly amazing this month?  Anything you’re looking forward to next month?  With our trip to Australia and reservations at both Quay and Attica, I’m really looking forward to some fine dining.

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