3 Fils: Unique plates in Jumeirah 2.

3 Fils: Unique plates in Jumeirah 2.

3 Fils has been gaining some traction around town, and it felt like my duty as a foodie to head over and give the venue a try.  Serving ‘Modern Asian Cuisine with Japanese influence,’ I wanted to see how exactly the concept of the food translated onto the plate.  To start, as the Food Sheikh mentioned in his review, the menus don’t seem the correct fit for the restaurant.  The rough brown paper (visibly breaking down and stained) appeared to be more appropriate for Parker’s or Clinton Street than the relatively elevated dishes that were delivered.  I would instead suggest a clean paper, modern font, and material that doesn’t break down with food or fingertips.

In all honesty, the menus might not even be entirely necessary as guests get a sneak preview of the dishes via iPad presented by one of the wait staff.  Visually understanding what you’re going to eat is something I’ve not been exposed to previously (other than sneaking a peek at a restaurant’s Instagram account before visiting) and I found the process very appealing.  In fact, I would go so far as to say we ordered at least one more dish than we would have (had there not been a photo menu).

While I should have clarified that we were in no rush, and therefore plates could come out at a more leisurely pace, we were bombarded with dishes in rapid order.  As there is a rather limited rhyme and reason to the menu, we simply selected something from each ‘section,’ including: Yellowtail torched, scallops, duck and corn waffles, Edible stones, Charcoal fry, and my favorite of the day, Indomie (the most delicious ramen I’ve had in a very long time — so good in fact, that I forgot to get a photo).  While you can be selfish and eat an entire plate by yourself, I would definitely recommend sharing with the table.  Most of the dishes seem to be the best split between two people.

As many others have lamented, I really (really!) wish the management had decided to choose a location that would allow for an alcohol license (a fit somewhere in the newly launched Jumeirah Al Naseem appears to be a big miss).  No, drinking isn’t the be all end all for a meal, but what a perfect location to enjoy a nice meal with a crisp glass of Chardonnay or cold beer to wash these inventive dishes down with.

With the bill rocking in at AED277 (including 2 bottles of sparkling water), I thought the prices were just a bit high (mainly, the two ‘brainfood’ choices, which four pieces of potato for AED46 and six pieces of charcoal for AED48, both seem more expensive than necessary).

Would I go back?  It’s a bit of a schlep from my part of the world, and the price point is a touch high, but overall, this is the perfect venue to impress out of town friends with.  It’s a little gem in Jumeirah 2 that’s doing something unlike anyone else.  Sneak this one in when visiting a nearby beach or whenever you get sick of a mall.
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