Viceroy Palm Jumeirah, Dubai: Miami vibes and beautiful skylines.

As an author of a book taking place entirely in a hotel, there is literally nothing I love more than visiting a new hotel.  I love lobbies and people watching.  I love clean sheets and breathtaking views.  I love luxury toiletries and staying in bed for hours.  Fortunately, the Viceroy Palm Jumeirah delivers on the new hotel ideal in spades.  I’ll start by disclosing that while the hotel was caught off guard over Easter weekend, they seem to be taking the TripAdvisor feedback quite seriously and from my interactions at the hotel, are well on their way to providing professional service and hospitality.

All the Yes

  • While I thought the Fairmont Fujairah had my favorite designed room in the UAE, I now realize the Viceroy’s effortlessly Art Deco-esque vibe is something I would love to recreate in a future home.  My love of the room extends so much that today I sent a request to source the magnified mirror from the hotel bathroom (no, it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase).  This understated modern design extends to nearly every space in the hotel.
  • Effortlessly comfortable bed.  While the W Bangkok is my current benchmark for coziness, the bed (and bedding) at the Viceroy is near the very top of the list.  It took me a solid 40 minutes in the morning to convince myself to get out of bed.
  • Private outdoor space.  When I travel, I tend to want to enjoy the view or have a drink outside.  The arrangement of the balconies at the Viceroy offer a unique place to sit and (for many of the rooms) enjoy views of the Dubai Marina skyline.
  • But more about design… In a city where there is a huge tendency towards ‘Arabesque’ (I get that we are in the Middle East, but honestly), I love that Viceroy does nothing of the sort.  Instead, there are clean lines, sophisticated details and a space that almost feels more at home at DIFC or Miami than the Palm.
  • Taking technology up a level.  You can sign into your Netflix account via the television.  You can stream video from your phone directly to the television.  The room comes equipped with transportable Bang & Olufsen speakers you can bring to the beach.  Yes!  These are all thoughtful details for a modern traveler.  I was also delighted to see plugs and USB connections close to the bed (how any hotel opening in the past 2 years would not accommodate for this, I cannot understand).
  • Roil & Natura Bisse toiletries.  I do love high-end luxury products, especially when they come in small packages.  Once home, they are always a reminder of my stay.
  • Above average F&B.  My lunch at Quattro Passi was unexpectedly fantastic, and while the vibe was a bit low key at Elevate, the lounge offers a beautiful setting for a sundowner.
  • Fantastic service.  This is not a venue where everyone is too cool for school.  This is a place where the staff are engaged with guests.  Props to Mark and his valet team at the front who kept me entertained while I waited for my Careem and Vanina for taking the time to dine with me.

Things to Consider

  • Rooms facing the main road may be a bit noisy.  If you’re sensitive to sound like me, then request a sea facing room (however, at the weekend there might be a bit of jet ski traffic noise coming from the Marina).
  • The beach at the property is quite small (especially as compared to Sofitel/Waldorf/O&O).  If you are looking for an extended beach experience, just be aware.
  • This is Dubai and there is construction…so, guests should be aware there is construction on either side of the property.  I’m pretty sensitive to this type of thing, but even at the pool, it was not something that bothered me.
  • More sunbeds.  A busy property would mean there wouldn’t be enough sun loungers for everyone.  Or, that you might need to get up earlier.  To be fair, when I visited in the afternoon, there was enough space for everyone (but then, I’m the type of person who gets bored after visiting a pool for an hour).  I believe this is in the process of being addressed.
  • More signage.  Look, I’m all about a level of cool factor, but I think the hotel would really benefit from having locations listed in the lifts (what’s on each floor, etc), or a sign or two directing traffic towards the pool, spa, and restaurants.

Would I go back?  Yes.  I’m curious to check out the spa and Maiden Shanghai once it opens next month.  If you are a resident of the Palm, I think this would be a great location to get to know.  And for local residents, have a look at the opening offers — there might be a staycation in your future.

Have you made it out to the Viceroy Palm Jumeirah?  What’s your favorite place to visit on the Palm?

A to Za’atar was a guest of the Viceroy Palm Jumeirah.  Opinions are my own, just ask my husband.


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