The Restaurant at Address Boulevard.

The Restaurant at Address Boulevard.

While no points will be given for the lack of originality in the name (Honestly, guys, have we simply given up in Dubai…?  Not to mention, how will this venue possibly gain traction on social media platforms with such a generic name?  I guess these are not my problems to solve…), I was instantly impressed with the newly opened Address Boulevard (which feels different to the other similarly named properties across the city).  The flower-filled lobby is bright and modern (and a superior version of the Four Seasons Al Marayah Island in Abu Dhabi).  Located on the third floor, The Restaurant is a sprawling location, spreading out from room to room, each with a moderately different theme, but overwhelmingly ‘French’ in nature.  The ambiance is supposed to remind guests of a Parisienne apartment and for the most part, I think they are successful.  Diners can choose to sit wherever they want, for whatever course they want, literally whenever they want (24 hours a day — and yes, I had friends test the limit, which they passed or failed, depending on how you look at the situation).  My favorite rooms were the dining room and the incredible terrace (seriously, the space gives many of the downtown properties a run for their money and I’m always a sucker for a fantastic Burj view).

Maybe the website describes things better?

Each room cleverly depicts the charming surroundings of a luxury home, featuring both communal and private dining spaces for every occasion. Choose from our exquisite dining room, our elegant dressing room, collection room or elite lounge. You may even decide to dine al fresco on our family-friendly outdoor terrace.

Each exquisite dish at our restaurant represents this home-away-from-home concept and the atmosphere holds a relaxed family feel. This unique, inviting concept is perfect for the avid foodie who is looking for a fresh, distinctive experience like no other.

An exciting central feature of our restaurant is our lounge venue, where you can sit back, relax and enjoy a selection of unique drinks in our beautifully thought-out spaces which include a library, games room and music room.

This apartment style dining option will ensure that you are eating at one of the most comfortable and exciting Dubai restaurants in the city – Address Boulevard.

So, what does The Restaurant serve?  According to the website, ‘global bistronomy’ (I guess that’s a thing).  What this translates to is a collection of sophisticated fare, ranging across cuisines.  My favorites for the evening included the trio of hummus (wonderfully creamy and my favorite was topped with lamb ragu, which I couldn’t seem to stop eating), hand chopped beef tartare (the inclusion of egg yolk confit here is not only a showstopper, but also insanely delicious, and the Orecchiette Pasta (bite size pasta with Burrata Affumicata? Yes, please!).  All the dishes are presented in a homestyle manner (perfect for sharing).  While we were not presented with a full menu, I would assume the range of dishes would be relatively broad, allowing for the 24-hour dining scenario.

Our dessert course and the prepared cocktails also showed a good level of technique, such that I think there would be something for anyone.

During my visit, there was not much I could think to improve on.  While the food, service, and ambiance are nice enough, what I find interesting is the concept of the 24-hour service.  While it’s rare, there have been some nights where a group was looking to continue the evening, only to have a final closing time.  The Restaurant would be an elegant venue to keep things going, or to start things off.

There were no prices listed, so I’m not sure where exactly the price point will be.

So, would I go back?  If I lived in Business Bay/Old Town, I would definitely put this venue in rotation.  If I worked at Emaar Square, this would be a solid location for after work drinks.  For the view alone, it’s a great place to take friends.  Furthermore, I would love to go back to The Restaurant before going to any event at Dubai Opera — the location is perfect!

A to Za’atar was a guest of The Restaurant.  Opinions are my own, just ask my husband.
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