St. Regis Iridium Spa, Dubai.

November was a busy month, yes?  With everything going on, I decided to pick a spa out of the Entertainer app.  While I debated between Talise and Iridium, in the end, having never been to the St. Regis, I was dying to check it out.  While my resident landscape architect and I agreed that the driveway of the property leaves a lot to be desired, the lobby is sophisticated and chic (although I far prefer the Saadiyat location).

The spa is located on the second floor.  Unlike some of the more spacious interiors I’ve seen (the Four Seasons Jumeirah comes to mind), the ‘lobby’ (I’m being generous) of the spa is barely big enough for anything more than six people.  In fact, when asked to fill out your details, you exit the ‘lobby’ and sit immediately outside in a hallway.

Look, I am not an expert on hotel or spa design, but there are some amazing places where the experience starts from the moment you interact with the venue.  Sitting in a well-appointed hallway outside the spa was certainly not the case.  After filling in the requisite cards, we were served caramel tea, along with a chilled towel.  While I appreciated the towel, the cold (unsweetened) tea made no sense at all.

Shown back through a bit of a winding hallway, I was escorted to the locker and shower room (including a hammam room, sauna, and steam room).  While there are others I prefer (the H Hotel is probably the best overall fit out I can think of), this had plenty of space and excellent details (chandelier fixtures, chrome, and other niceties).

In a confusing design choice, the toilets and changing rooms are through another door and down another hallway.  They are perfectly lovely, but the entire interior is a bit maze like.

My favorite feature?  The spa has a legit shower ROOM.  It’s basically a tricked-out shower that has four settings, which allow for a rainstorm experience (in four different environments).  Yup, I spent a few minutes in this thing (pressing all the buttons).

And now, my biggest issue.  There is a lovely jacuzzi pool in this space.  Except, it’s almost impossible to get into.  For a building that was under construction for some amount of time, I’m still utterly puzzled how this thing managed to get through inspection.  Essentially, you walk up a set of stairs and then are faced with entering the small pool via a large ladder.  If you have any mobility issues, or problems with upper body strength, there is no way for you to access the pool.  I managed to lower myself in (remember, you are climbing down a big metal ladder into hot water…?).  Once in the pool, it was, of course, very nice (with a fun mirrored ceiling above).  Getting out, there was definitely another few awkward moments of me hoisting my (wet) self back up the ladder.

The treatment itself was lovely.  I’m really never going to complain when someone gives me a massage.  One thing I would ask the spa to maybe swap out the linens — in this case, it felt as if there was an entire duvet on top of me (sweating during a massage isn’t exactly my favorite activity).
img_3419 img_3420 img_3421 img_3422 img_3424

Would I go back?  With the Entertainer voucher (2 for 1, at AED395), I wouldn’t hesitate.  For all my issues, it’s still a lovely environment and 60-minute experience.  Would I pay full price for two people?  Probably not.

Have you been to the Iridium Spa?  Do you have a preferred treatment?


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