My Top 3 Dishes of November 2016.

Another month gone and the year almost over!  November was a bit of a strange one, with a lot of disappointing Italian food.  Still, a few of the dishes managed to shine through.

  • Truffled mash potatoes.  While I haven’t officially posted about it yet, Citi Spi will soon share my review of the Cuts & Kilts Friday night brunch at Scots American Grill.  While I truly enjoyed the entire evening, the mash was one of the best parts!
  • Ironically, while I truly did not care in the slightest for most of the menu, the sea bass fillet from Carnevale was perfectly cooked and portioned — shame that it had to hide among a disappointing meal.
  • While certainly not in the category of ‘fine dining,’ I thought the team at Sheraton Mall of the Emirates did a fantastic job on our Thanksgiving meal.  I was very impressed with the turkey and gravy and will definitely be ordering from them again next year.

The featured photo is of the Josper steak from Bazxar, which I’m giving an honorable mention to.

What were your favorite dishes in November?  Anything you’re looking forward to in December?



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