My Top 3 Dishes for September 2016.

Honestly, can someone tell me what happened to September?  (No, seriously).  Anyway, I managed to eat quite a bit, and here are my top 3 dishes:

  • Street Fries, from Parkers
  • Bloody Mary soup, from Locavore (review forthcoming — but I was fascinated at how the kitchen was able to so perfectly combine hot and cold elements, along with all the flavors of a Bloody Mary)
  • Cabbage soup, from Blanco par Mandif (review forthcoming, but as with above, I was completely floored by the pack of sour notes, savory elements, and texture from the cabbage — see below)
  • Honorable mention: AmStur Caviar (eaten directly from my hand!)

Not sure exactly what it is with me and soup this month, but there you have it.  I think it’s maybe how simple a dish it can be, but also how creatively it can be executed.  With just a few ingredients, both the soups in Ubud completely surprised my taste buds and left me wanting more.

Blanco par Mandif

I know October is going to be busy, and am hoping for a lot of cuisines!  We’re also off to Nepal around mid-month, which should be a wonderful time.

Did you have any specific favorites this month?  Let me know!


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