My Top 3 Dishes of August 2016!

I thought I would try this as a monthly feature, even if it’s a few days late for August 2016.

So, August was probably my busiest month of the year for food.  I ate A LOT (not that I’m complaining) and wanted to highlight my favorite and most memorable dishes of the month.  Mostly, this will be a place to think back and consider all I tasted and tried, then take a moment to sort out which really stayed with me (and that I would go back for).

In no particular order:

  1. Seafood Risotto, Todd English’s Olives
  2. Firecracker Roses, Wakame
  3. Seared Black Cod, Sea Fu (and I had 4 different versions of Black Cod in the month!)

The Clinton Street breakfast, vegetarian Maki roll from Coya, and churros from Laluz all almost made the cut, but the dishes listed above are all in a category unto themselves.

With a trip to Bali this month, I’m expecting my September favorites to be heavily tilted towards dishes from Indonesia, but let’s see — maybe Dubai or Abu Dhabi will sneak in something new and exciting.

Where were your favorite dishes in August?


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