Weekend links.

Last week got away from me…  So, here’s some new links, hot off the press!  And, what do you think of the new look for my blog?  I’m finally happy with it!  For now.

We’re off to Banyan Tree Al Wadi today (with maybe a stop at Coya for lunch), and then I’ll be reviewing Atana Mussandam on Friday night.  I’m excited for a short staycation!  What are you up to?

Photo of the week:



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Weekend Links.

Weekend Links.

A busy but super productive week.  I wish they could all be like this! Say it with me, Cat wine. Balloons for my next party. Rose gummy bears. Made me smile. Extremely Low Budget Meals Made to Look Gourmet. One of my favorite things I’ve […]

Weekend links.

Weekend links.

This week has made me more stressed than usual.  Some lessons learned: content writing is probably not for me and I will continue to do honest reviews (haters gonna hate).  However, in positive news, I was able to visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi (opening November […]

4 thoughts on “Weekend links.”

  • Just going to comment that I absolutely love your new blog look! Makes me feel like it’s time for a revamp on mine…. when I get the time, hehe! Have a good weekend… *insert jeolous face again*.. 😀

  • It took A LOT of trial and error and shouting at the screen, but it was worth it!! (And bonus — I did it myself). I keep joking with Zoe that we’re going to have a meet up where instead of eating, we just do website stuff, etc. (We’ll totally invite you when we do).

    PS It was a no go for Coya, but a yes to Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck!

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