Shine Spa @ Sheraton MOE.

Shine Spa @ Sheraton MOE.

After meeting up with girlfriends at Common Grounds, it was time for our spa appointment.  Let the reader be advised, I tend to only go for these types of ‘treats’ if a voucher or coupon is involved.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for a spa treatment in the Emirates…  Keep a vigilant eye on the Entertainer and other monthly deals and you should always be able to stretch your dizzles.

To start, Shine Spa (located inside the Sheraton MOE) is confusing to get to.  In the lifts from the lobby (or the Mall of the Emirates entrance), the floors stop at five.  Apparently, you have to go to the fifth floor, get out and transfer to a second set of elevators to ride to the 24th floor.  There is no signage to support this anyhwere.  Of course, on the 24th floor, the view is a nice one (and it’s pretty amazing that the pool is located on this level).  The nice views kind of fade away once you go towards the spa.  ‘Cavelike’ is probably the best definition I can think of (the pictures below should support this opinion).  Because the spa is contstrained by the fit out of the floors, there are no tall ceilings and the entire space for the spa feels a bit of an afterthought (for the life of me, I can’t remember what property owned this space before it was branded a Sheraton).

cat spa

Anyway, with four people and two vouchers, I think we might have broken the attendants (not to mention when my friend originally made the booking they thought there were only two of us).  After A LOT A LOT of explanation, we managed to make the payment (with vouchers), be shown our lockers and get changed for our treatments.

Some observations:

  • Our treatments started 15 minutes late (to the point I had to go and track down the therapists).
  • The treatment rooms are small.  More of an FYI, this is not some lush expansive space.  Although, I suppose if one is laying down on a treatment table, it doesn’t matter how big the room is.
  • At AED225 (without gratuity), the price of the (slightly shortened) treatment felt right.  Had I paid full price AED450, I’m not sure I would feel quite the same way.  To me, enjoyment of a spa day involves use of the amenities (well designed saunas, steam rooms, and recovery areas).  I don’t think the Sheraton particularly lives up to this.
  • I can’t even with the complete lack of anything resembling interior decoration or effort.
  • A candle of some other aromatherapy wouldn’t go amiss and might help people think they weren’t in a cave.
  • I did like the heated towel rack, which kept my robe nice and toasty for when I was finished with my treatment.
  • Haven’t had my hair gently pulled in a treatment in quite some time…
Shine Spa
I’ve seen more relaxed and private places to sit.
Beats the Steigenberger.
As Hubs would say, ‘This is how horror movies and pornos get started.’
Points for privacy?

Would I go back?  Sorry, not likely.  In fact, for the money I spent, I wish I would’ve booked a completely overdue pedi in with N Style!

What do you say, dear reader, did I miss a good treatment at the Shine Spa?

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