The Spa at Steigenberger… Missed Opportunities.

The Spa at Steigenberger… Missed Opportunities.

After a long flight and feeling some of those post-holiday blues, I began trolling through the Entertainer to see what was on offer that might take some of my traveling come down away.  Lo and behold, there was a BOGO for the Steigenberger Spa.  I e-mailed my request, and we were confirmed for two 60 minute treatments with pool access on Friday morning.  As Dubai is currently a state of more or less living on the sun, we opted to go early and try to enjoy some pool time before it was unbearable to be outside.

Steigenberger Dubai
Not pictured, the sun — which it felt like we were walking on.
Steigenberger Dubai
I just love the Burj.

Sufficiently sweaty, we went inside to shower and got ready for our treatments.  I was pleased to be the only person in the women’s locker room, which gave me a chance to take pictures and spread out (which was necessary given the size of the lockers).  Overall, there are better facilities on offer in Dubai, but my expectations were not super high to begin with (i.e., this is not Talise Spa, and I respect that).  There was a steam room and a sauna (both of which I opted not to use).  The shower had Aigner toiletries and a rain head, which felt wonderful.  Tucked into my robe, I walked across the lobby (poor planning, that) to the waiting room, where I was offered a date and tea (I declined).

Steigenberger Spa
Spa level: average.

My suggestions on some quick and long-term fixes for the hotel:

  • Slippers in the lockers.
  • Rip out the lockers and start over — the ones in place are currently far too small (see above for my crushed gym bag and crumpled purse).
  • Disposable underpants in the lockers and not the treatment room.
  • Brushes or combs available in the changing area.
  • Deodorant that is not completely empty in the changing area.
  • Better material around the pool (as a landscape designer and purveyor of public spaces, Hubs hates it when people use material that will burn feet in the hot summer months).
  • A completely wasted opportunity with the pool in general — the wall heats up, and there is no way to look out onto the canal.
  • Also, the pool doesn’t have very easy access (getting in and out would not be easy for someone who had mobility issues).
  • Returning to the locker room after my treatment, it was very clear no one had been in to tidy up.  I didn’t mind, but maybe it’s worth having someone check in every hour?
  • Worth noting, but I wouldn’t be able to confirm the spa is fully separated by gender (I’m a feminist, but I don’t mind the fully segregated spaces that are in other spas).  If privacy is important to you, I would give this spa a pass.
Steigenberger Dubai
Nothing, I just really liked this ‘art’ in the waiting room.

The treatment itself was (of course) quite relaxing, with a quiet room, heated table and the right amount of pressure to work out my various aches.  When finished, I met back up with Hubs and we went to a small room for tea and biscuits and then on to a disastrous lunch.  For the price (AED595 with the voucher), I’d say the price was just right.  While the normal prices for treatments are quite reasonable, and they do use high-end products (Babor & Thalgo) I don’t think I’ll be returning to this venue.

What is your favorite spa in the city?  Of all, I’m fairly partial to the amenities at the H Hotel and the Park Hyatt in Abu Dhabi.



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