Weekend Links.

A busy but super productive week.  I wish they could all be like this!


This will be a pretty relaxed weekend — meeting up with some friends at Nola tomorrow night.  Very much looking forward to the Eid break next week.  After some debate of going to Oman, we’re doing a staycation at the One&Only, have a dinner at the newly opened Tortora, and I’m on the hunt for a brunch (what you got for me, Entertainer?).  I may also try to get to Flywheel.

Do you have any Eid plans?

Gif of the week:

angrily eats breakfast


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6 thoughts on “Weekend Links.

  1. A friend told me about this Japanese cafe called Ito that shapes their rice into cute animals like that, their kids love it. I think I’ll love it, not too sure if my baby appreciates things like that just yet haha. Have you been?


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