A vineyard in North Georgia? A to Za’atar goes wine tasting!

A vineyard in North Georgia? A to Za’atar goes wine tasting!

I’m fortunate to know some of the team behind Yonah Mountain Vineyards in northern GA, and in our visit home, finally had the chance to go for a visit!  Although I had seen pictures (and have visited vineyards around the world), on a beautiful June day, I was happy to help celebrate a friend’s ongoing success.

Yonah Mountain Vineyard
I told you it was a beautiful day, didn’t I?

Although there is a partial flight available (4 wines), we decided to sample the full flight of 8 wines and after some deliberation selected five bottles (1 sauvignon blanc, 2 pinot noir and 1 bottle of Genesis) to come home with us.  At the generous consideration of our host, we were also able to sample the award winning Totem (2011).  As it retails for $100 a bottle (!), I can tell you that taste lives up to the price.  I don’t consider myself to have an evolved palate of any kind, but I can recognize an amazing wine when I taste it — this cab would pair wonderfully with a big steak!

pinot noir gif
I’m certainly not above using gifs from Kimmy Schmidt! #pinotnoir

After we were sufficiently lubricated from the tasting, we received a personal tour from our friend of the impressive grounds (and yes, tours of the vineyard are available to the public on Saturdays and Sundays with a tasting for $35).  I enjoyed viewing the long underground event room (I’ve had the pleasure of previously dining in a similar space in Pasa Robles, and this one was in the process of being set up for an upcoming rehearsal dinner).  Also, there is attention to detail everywhere in this place!  In the copper sinks (hand selected) and the free hand scrub in the bathrooms (again, specifically chosen), to the soaring ceiling of the tasting room, to the beautifully designed bride and grooms rooms in the event space.  While I realize the focus should be on the wine, I also couldn’t help but love the installation of local artists throughout the grounds.  Finally — if you happen to be a Tesla driver, you’re in luck — you can charge your car here (no, really)!

Yonah Mountain Vineyard
Obligatory ‘picture of wine casks’ shot.
Yonah Mountain Vineyard
Looking out to where the Chardonnay grapes grow.
Yonah Mountain vineyard
Underground lair.
Yonah Mountain Vineyard
Chardonnay pour lookin’ good.

If you can’t tell from the photos (or the bottles of wine we purchased), I think a visit to Yonah is worth the trip!  While there is a small selection of food on offer, I wouldn’t hesitate to pack a picnic lunch, do the tasting and pick a bottle to sit outside and enjoy your wine.  This visit was a nice ‘getaway’ from Atlanta!

As a total bonus, if you own a Tesla, and are looking for a charging station, the vineyard has you covered.  They have multiple places to hook up.

Do you have a favorite vineyard in the Southeast?

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