Masters of Food & Wine: Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

Although practically hidden on their website and not very well publicized (from what I could tell, we were the only table taking part in the promotion on Wednesday night), I decided to visit the Park Hyatt for their recent Masters of Food & Wine night.

Park Hyatt Masters of Food & Wine is a series of sophisticated culinary and beverage experiences that will be hosted at The Park Bar & Grill. By engaging and interactive events, area residents and visiting gourmands who can engage with our award-winning chefs, sommeliers, and specialists.

This year the award-winning Park Bar & Grill for the first time, will host Park Hyatt Masters of Food & Wine. Held over four days this event will be dedicated to understanding and savoring the ever-indulgent French cheeses.

They weren’t lying – this thing was ALL ABOUT CHEESE.  Each course was built almost entirely on cheese.  Cottage cheese.  Cow cheese.  Lamb with Gruyère.  A cheese trolley.  (And yes, very rookie food blogger mistake, I missed out on taking a picture of the menu). 

Would I have still attended if I had paid closer attention to exactly what we were getting into?  I think yes.  The Park Hyatt is a beautiful property, close to where we live and the meal was a nice one.

My feedback would be the following:

  • Although I know people who might disagree, I would probably choose to ease up on the cheese.  While I enjoy cheese quite a bit, I think there can be too much of a good thing.
  • A better explanation of the wine pairing.  Yes, there was some talk, but I thought there could be more involved.
  • Our group agreed the woman singing at the bar was categorically terrible.
  • Given the level of sophistication of the restaurant, I would’ve loved a unique amuse bouche to start out the night.
  • Fire the marketing person – how were we the only people there?!?!

12312205_10156201624410627_1520773060_nPark Hyatt Abu Dhabicheese gifCost? AED350 set menu with wine pairing, AED80 with the cheese trolley.  We also opted for a bottle of bubbles as an apertif (which was a nice touch).


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