A Little More About A to Za’atar’s Travel Habits…

Found this on Conde Nast Traveler Well Traveled tag and wanted to borrow…  I’ve previously completed a similar questionnaire, but this one seemed fun to share.

MILES LOGGED in 2015: AUH-LAX, AUH-AMS, AMS-RKV, AUH-SEY, DXB-OTP. And at least one trip a month between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  So…whatever that adds up to.

I always pack: A deck of cards.  The same pack has been in my suitcase since the beginning of time.  It rarely gets used, but I like that it’s in there.

My favorite luggage is: My husband’s small 4 way roller.  I love my bag (purchased at Macy’s in 2005 for $99), but it’s just a bit too big.  I know I’ll have to retire it soon…

My iPad is loaded with: BooksNovels for research, fun books to read, things I’ve started but never finished.

On planes I’ll eat: Almost anything, but I really like the soup and bread that Etihad serves in business class.

The app I use most on the road is: Tunein radio or Deezer.  I likes my music!

What’s your night-before-a-trip routine?  Before a longer trip, I am usually running around cleaning the house.  While I like to pack the entire week before the trip (oh yes, I am crazy), the night before is spent making sure whoever is coming to catsit will be visiting a clean house.

We almost always will do takeaway with a bottle of wine – who wants dirty dishes?

Got any pre-travel rituals?  I might be a tad too connected to social media, but I do like to ‘check in’ on Facebook and let the world know where I’m off to.

What’s your preferred carry on?  I’m looking for a better one!  At the moment, it’s a backpack, which is very helpful for carrying a laptop, but is not that stylish.

What do you wear on-board?  3/4 length shirt, dark denim jeans, a sports bra and trainers.  I actually will tend to wear the same outfit when flying for years (check my pictures – it’s true!).  It’s not super chic, but it gets the job done and I’m comfortable.

What’s your favorite hotel amenity?  ALL of the toiletries. I’m kind of obsessed with things in small packaging.  Furthermore, I enjoy using them months later and fondly recalling my trip.

What do you do on a flight?  Watch movies and read books.  It’s very rare for me to sleep.  I tend to eat simply out of boredom.

What’s your favorite business cabin?  Of Etihad, Emirates, Delta, and Qatar, I like the Emirates product best.

Favorite airline?  8+ years in the GCC, it’s still Emirates – mostly because they are the best about upgrading!

Favorite airport?  ATL and DXB.  Both feel the most like coming ‘home.’  Dubai simply because there is so much to do.

Favorite airport lounge?  The Qatar Airways business-class lounge at Heathrow.  It was the first (and only) time I’ve taken a shower at the airport!  The service, food and drink that were on offer were absolutely unparalleled.

download (1)
Proper service.

Best advice you could give someone on navigating airports and flying better?  Get out of the way or give way to those who *do* know where they are going.  Give yourself a moment.  Take a deep breath and focus.  If you need an excuse to get where you’re going, stop in to a store, buy a water and just ask.

Where do you travel most for pleasure?  Amsterdam.  We go almost every summer and the city is nearly a complete opposite to any of the Middle Eastern cities we’ve lived in.  Although we have our traditions, there’s always always something new to check out and explore.


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