Chef Tyffi: My Favorite Meal in Iceland

Another Reykjavik memory – and this is a great one!  In my research for our trip, I knew I wanted to ride Icelandic horses (this is a deep infatuation that goes back to my childhood).  In my research I found a (random) pairing of riding with a authentic Icelandic meal prepared by a local chef.  My interest piqued, I contacted Season Tours, made the booking and then kind of forgot about it.

The morning of, we were picked up and taken a bit outside the city to meet our horses.  Side note unrelated to food, Islenski Hesturinn, The Icelandic Horse Riding Tours know what they are about and are well worth a visit. I rode from ages 6-13, but never experienced the gait Icelandic horses are well known for – the tölt (a smooth step somewhere between a trot and a canter).  After a fun ride, we were dropped off at a bakery and picked up by the Chef himself.  Although we looked high and low for some additional passengers, I was glad our group was complete at an intimate 5 (including Hubs and myself).  

Reservations?  Made online.

Ambiance?  Traveling around Reykjavik with the super personable Chef Tyffi was a blast.  Not only did we see Bjork’s house (!), we also drove straight up to the President’s home (and even walked around his yard!), a unique art feature and other interesting spots around town.  After viewing a public beach (it was freezing) and a quick trip to the fishmonger to pick up dinner, we ended at Chef Tyffi’s house, who had cold appetizers of many varieties and alcohol (!) waiting on us.  It was a perfect summer afternoon.

Hello Mr. President (he wasn’t home).
After dinner and feeling fine!

Food?  Does it get more authentic than dining in the home of an Icelander?  We were graciously presented with all kinds of fish and other authentic foods (including whale blubber!).  The main(s) consisted of 5 kinds of fresh fish.  With excellent and local alcohol options with each course, let’s just say a great time was had by everyone!





Service?  The thing about this meal (very different than our experiences at a traditional restaurant like Dill or Grillmarkaðurinn) was how it opened my eyes to wanting to have this kind of meal in every city we visit!  In fact, when visiting Bucharest, I signed up for a similar service (not quite on the level of Chef Tyffi, but still a unique experience).

Cost? Price per person 19.500ISK.

Parting thoughts from Hubs…  Best meal in Iceland!



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