Le Du: #37 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants

Le Du: #37 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants

First of all, what does it mean?

Le Du actually comes from a Thai word – “ฤดู”, a synonym for the word “season” in Thai.  The name reflects an emphasis on our culinary creations out of seasonal produce.

Although technically not open for lunch, Le Du was celebrating their recent placement on Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants list and held a meal for some of the connected press and participants.

The meal highlighted a number of techniques and included: Blue Swimming Crab, Khao – Chae, River Prawn, Lobster, Crab and Egg, Lamb & Chicken, and Mango Panna Cotta.  The selections appear to be a version of the 6-course tasting menu, which is available for dinner.

My Favorite

The Khao-Chae, a pork and shrimp ball, with radish, salted fish, and jasmine ice cream.  Not only was this dish beautifully presented, but it was also absolutely delicious.  The slightly fatty pork and shrimp ball paired very well with the bitter crunch of the radish.  The warmth of the ball contrasted perfectly with the coolness of the jasmine ice cream.  All in, the presentation was fantastic, the portion size spot on, and the balance of texture enough to place it at the top of my list.

Not My Favorite

For all the things not for me to love, it was the main that was a rather large miss for me.  Already long past feeling full, there was not much to redeem in the Lamb & Chicken (with Potato, Chicken Larb, and Massaman Curry).  I thought the cut of chicken, while very tender, was barely past cooked for human consumption (allegedly, this is how it is done in parts of Asia, but it was borderline pink to me).  While the Massaman Curry was flavourful (although not quite as nice as the similar curry I’d had for lunch the day before at Issaya), the whole plate lacked cohesion (puddles of brown sauce simply do not appeal to me, as a general rule).  Furthermore, the almost humorously tiny portion of lamb on the plate did not provide any balance.  I think this dish could easily be cut from the service and would not be missed in the slightest.

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Overall, I enjoyed how the lunch highlighted seafood throughout and presented original (and quite filling) dishes.  In the context of the other restaurants I visited during the week, Le Du ranks highly, but not above House on Sathorn, Gaggan, or Suhring.  Of course, I think it is well worth a visit (and walking distance from the W, should you be so inclined) and will look forward to seeing what comes next for this venue.

Have you been to Le Du?  What’s your favorite thing on the menu?

A to Za’atar was a guest of Le Du and Fine Dining Lovers.  Opinions are my own, just ask my husband.

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