Once In A Lifetime Experiences You Should Have.

Once In A Lifetime Experiences You Should Have.

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Some people might call it their bucket list, things they want to do before they die.  Others call it their wanderlust list — things that will satisfy their curiosity and make their heart beat a little bit faster.

Vacations are enjoyable, and they help you see places for a short amount of time.  Traveling is a different ball game altogether.  Authentic traveling, when you immerse yourself in the culture and stay a little longer changes you as a person.  Your experiences of what the world is, and what life is, is a little bit richer for these experiences.  That said, there should always be occasions for you do the fun stuff too, not just the culturally significant.  However, maybe some things on the list that which offer a bit of both are key.


You don’t have to love beer to go here, and the atmosphere is enough to get you drunk all by itself.  Of course, it helps if you enjoy a beer or two.  Munich is the host for this huge party.  It lasts a few weeks, so you don’t have to rush to arrive – and you can soak it in for a few days if you want to.  It’s fun and cultural, which is the best of both worlds.  A liter of beer will cost around €10, but prices vary.

Rent A Boat

There is something scary and beautiful about the open ocean.  However, if you book with the right place, you will get to soak up the sea air, bask in the sun and depending on where you go, you might even see some wildlife.  There is a lot to be said for skipping the cities for a while and being in complete peace.  You can, of course, play your favorite music and relax even more.  A yacht charter will vary from place to place; however, the south of France is always a pretty good bet.

Pastry Class

Speaking of France, what about learning from a French master?  They are fantastic at creating work of art style pastries and sweet treats.  If macaroons mystify you and you want to make a choux pastry to impress, then this is for you.  The courses run about €100 for around two hours of magic.

Northern Lights

There aren’t many people who wouldn’t say that the lights are stunning and worth the airfare and potentially a cold evening waiting.  The sky turns a stunning array of colors – greens, blues, yellows, and purples dance across the sky in waves.  Jukkasjarvi,  Sweden is one of the best places to find them.  Although you can also catch them in Portknockie in Scotland.

Polar Bears

This experience might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but after you’ve seen the northern lights in Sweden, you might like to take a short trip to Svalbard and see some polar bears.  They’re known as the king of the Arctic and for a good reason.  You shouldn’t go without a guide, as they know where to go to get the safest viewpoint.  There are no polar bear safaris as they are protected by law.

So there are a few extraordinary things that you should try and fit into your list of things you want to do!

What’s at the top of your list?

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