Weekend Links.

Weekend Links.

It’s been a quiet week, as I’ve been on a meal plan with Keto Life UAE.  I should be doing a separate post later about the menu.  It’s been a good ‘restart’ to cut down on sugar (which I am forever eating too much of).  I also hosted my first event for CSR of One, went to my first Intalek event, and was maybe asked to write a foreword for a new culinary book…

This weekend we’re going to a friend’s impromptu Mexican themed party (I’m going to do my very best to remain Keto friendly).  And today, we’re going to the Seagrill Bistro Brunch (adults only! Pool access!) and after a long week, I’m pretty excited about that.  Next week has two Iftars in store – both are centered around networking.

What are you doing this weekend?

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