Top 5 Brunches in Dubai.

Top 5 Brunches in Dubai.

Having had some good and some bad experiences this year, I thought it relevant to share my top 5 brunches in Dubai.  If you’re looking for my other Top 5’s, be sure to check out my opinions of appetizers, apps, and desserts.  For the uninitiated, Friday Brunch is a place to kick back, catch up with friends, and enjoy a meal and a few drinks together.  There is a range of sizes, cuisines, and various levels of debauchery.  You’ll note that I rarely (if ever) go to a buffet brunch anymore — yes, I’m a snob, but also, because the waste of food is immense.  The below list will reflect that fact.  Also, as always, keep an eye on the Entertainer for great 2 for 1 deals — save yourself a few dizzles for drinks after.

Intersect by Lexus

The brunch at Intersect by Lexus has been on my list for over two years.  Picture a civilized affair with natural light, a fantastic duo, an inspired menu, the coolest bathrooms in the city, and well above average service.  This is one for people who want to walk out of the venue feeling full, buzzed, and having spent an afternoon catching up with friends.  While I haven’t had a chance to return in a while, my only hope is that they’ve updated the menu.  (Apologies for my basic AF picture, it’s from when I was just starting).

Carrot emulsion and yoghurt tartine. Light and delicious! #latergram

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Toro + Ko

Although a bit pricier than others, if you’re looking for a chance to sample much of what Toro + Ko has on their full menu, then this is the way to go.  As the rest of Citywalk strolls by, enjoy the leisurely pace of tapas.  The soundtrack is one of the best in the city and the churros at the end of the meal are worth leaving room for.  My request would be an upgrade to the bubbles package — I’d love to see a brand more top shelf/recognizable.



I went in recently with limited expectations.  Nothing against Barbary, more that I’d had a bad run of outings recently and was desperate for my luck to change.  Fortunately, Barbary’s ‘brunch affair’ made everything better.  If you need comfort food and good music, then Barbary is your best choice.  The build your own Bloody Mary station is a fun and creative addition, and the 12-5PM timing ensures a relaxed pace and value for money.


Prime 68 (007 Brunch)

Having stopped in for dinner on an earlier occasion, I was invited back to Prime 68 to experience one of the most memorable brunches in the city.  With a menu inspired by James Bond (the puns are perfect), a beautiful setting and brilliant views of the city, this is a place to impress out of towners.  The price point matches the quality, but there are few venues that deliver this level of service or wow factor.



While my first outing to Peyote was a bit disappointing (read the review here), when invited back for the Fiestagave, I thought, ‘why not?’ I love Mexican and it’s rare to get the cuisine in Dubai.  Fortunately, the second chance yielded a great brunch and fantastic afternoon.  So great, in fact, that we went back for another visit just a few weeks later.  There’s not much to suggest for a brunch that is loaded with excellent food (and plenty of it), a switched on service staff, and great music.


Of course, there are still a bunch of brunches I still want to try, including: Hotel Cartegena, Coya, Nobu, and a revisit to The Hide.  As close runners-up on the list above, BOCA does fab themed brunches that are definitely worth checking out, Carnival by Tresind offers something like no one else (even if they go a bit overboard), and you will never leave feeling empty at Bleu Blanc, which also puts a fair amount of emphasis on breakfast.

A to Za’atar was a guest at all of these brunches.  Opinions are my own, just ask my husband.

Where is your favorite brunch in Dubai?


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