Rejected Photos: #1.

Rejected Photos: #1.

I’m not sure if this idea is of any particular interest to anyone, but for the compliments I get on my photos and for how far I’ve come in my photography, there is still plenty that doesn’t make it onto the blog, or any of my social media accounts.  Honestly, I am forever asking Hubs, ‘Does this look nice?’ and then deciding, no, it really doesn’t.  I thought I would start a series that takes photos I enjoy in some capacity and break down why they didn’t make the cut.  Sure, there is plenty more to be worried about in today’s world than the specific aesthetic of my social media feeds, but for today, let’s just have some fun, shall we?

Although I have plenty to choose from, today I’m starting with this plate of mushrooms and cheese from Sean Connolly at Dubai Opera.  No, this photo hasn’t been altered in any way (almost all of my photos go through Snapseed at a minimum).  While I’m okay with the sort of funky focus, overall, as a subject, I don’t think there’s much here worth saving.  The colors are not pleasant, nor is the texture — clumps of pesto are just never going to photograph well, are they?  I don’t remember this specific dish standing out from a taste perspective, and ultimately, ended up discarding it.

Looking at the photo, I wonder what angle I might have chosen to find an image worth saving.  Perhaps from above?  Maybe on a fork?  Part of a flat lay?  This meal was with other bloggers and thus, when the food arrived, I had to quickly grab a shot, without much time to style or work to find the exact right angle (hence why I usually try to dine without a ton of other people most of the time).

What do you say, dear follower?  Would you want to see more in this series?

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