My Best Three Meals in 2017.

My Best Three Meals in 2017.

So, last year, I shared my top three dishes of 2016, and throughout this year, I’ve been sharing my favorite monthly plates.  This year, I think I want to expand and mention my top three meals instead.  As I reflected on the many dining experiences I’ve had throughout 2017, there are plenty of excellent contenders.  However, after a lot of deliberation, these are the meals that stuck with me the most.  In no particular order:

  • Test Kitchen, Cape Town, South Africa.  I cannot think of a better way to usher out my 35th year than our meal here.  Should you find yourself in Cape Town, do whatever you can to get a booking at this fabulous venue.  It’s precisely how unpretentious fine dining should be done.  And please splurge to opt for the iconic wine pairing, you will not be disappointed.
  • The Experience by Reif Othman, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  This location was the perfect choice for Hubby’s 40th birthday, and I’m so glad I saved it for a special occasion.  The food, ambiance, and close friends made for an exceptional evening.  I wouldn’t hesitate to return when I had something new to celebrate.
  • Sühring, Bangkok, Thailand.  Yes, I’m choosing this restaurant over Gaggan.  Seated in the kitchen, I was unprepared for the meal to deliver at the level it did.  Perfectly balanced with some of the best service in the world, this restaurant is definitely worth stopping into, should you find yourself in BKK.  Months later, and I can still recall almost every course!

Honorable Mention:


  • Attica, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Quay, Sydney, Australia.
  • Zass, Positano, Italy.

Where were your favorite meals this year?

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