Top Five Desserts in Dubai.

Top Five Desserts in Dubai.

(And let’s try not to forget I almost wrote ‘desert,’ which would not be entirely inappropriate, would it?)

Now, I’m not going to claim to be an expert on all things sweet.  A look at my Instagram feed will confirm that I rarely post photos of desserts, puddings, or petit fours.  Nor, have I consumed anything that could be considered a ‘freakshake.’  To be quite honest, when it comes to consuming calories, I far prefer a glass of wine to a bowl of ice cream.  However, now and then, I will be in the mood for a delicious finish to a meal.  I understand some people prefer a cheese plate or maybe even something savory.  However, for an entirely subjective list in no particular order, please continue reading…

  1. Churros at Toro + Ko.  Fried dough?  Yes.  A caramel sauce that dreams are made of?  Also yes.  An environment that is chill and offers an outstanding soundtrack?  You got it.  While I suppose I could comment on structure and taste, honestly, when you want a comforting, carby dessert, do not look further than this.

2. Valrhona Chocolate Fondant at Galvin.  Another entry from Citywalk, if you’re going to go for chocolate…go big or go home.  Personally, I loved the more refined nature of this dish.  It wasn’t overwhelming in sweetness, or over the top in its plating and the honeycomb added just the right amount of crunch to break up the soft, dense fondant.

3.  Lemon Meringue at Le Cirque.  It can’t all be chocolate, can it?  Fortunately, Le Cirque, located at the Ritz Carlton DIFC delivers a lovely, light lemon dessert that is well worth stopping in for.  If you are the type who enjoys an end to a meal that is not overwhelming, look no further.

4.  Salted Caramel Sundae at Jean Georges Kitchen.  But then again, if you’re splitting a dish like this, it’s only half the calories, right?  I thought the addition of popcorn was a genius move, adding a nice amount of texture and would happily order this dish again.  Located at the Four Seasons Jumeirah, this is a beautiful location to spend an evening.

5.  Banana Pudding from Magnolia Bakery If an entire store is dedicated to sweets, it’s got to be good, right?  While I know there are other locations in town, I’m still partial to the Dubai Mall venue.  It’s difficult to walk by and not think, ‘Well, just a cupcake or small bowl of banana pudding.’  While I don’t always love American imports, in this case, I feel right at home.

A sweet start to your day… My favorite order @magnoliabakeryuae is the Banana Pudding, what’s yours? 🍨🍌🤤

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Could there be changes to this list in the future?  Of course!  However, for now, these are my go-to dishes when I’m craving something sweet.

What are your favorite desserts in Dubai?

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