Le Quartier Francais: Boutique charm in Franschhoek.

For our second night before joining up with friends to explore other fun destinations in the country, my decision of where to stay in Franschhoek was more or less made for me.  With reservations at The Tasting Room (which is located on the property of Le Quartier Francais), after reviewing the room and suite options available, I didn’t bother looking much further.  While Franschhoek is literally spoiled for choice when it comes to boutique properties, knowing we were going to have a 3+ hour dinner, I didn’t want to bother with driving or walking home.  Turns out I made an excellent decision!


  • Stunning grounds.  Although the entrance is a bit strange (guests park cars in the rear of the hotel, off quieter back streets, but can still enter from the main street on foot as well), once inside, there is immaculate planting, allowing for a genuinely intimate experience (the property only has 21 rooms in total) right in the middle of town.  In the center of the property, there is a small pool, with loungers spread around it (as well as iconic monkey statues).  The hotel also boasts a bar and plenty of clever spaces that utilize both indoor and outdoor seating.
  • Location, location, location.  Le Quartier Francais is in nearly the center of the main street of charming Franschhoek.  We only had to walk out the door and were across the street from not only Foliage, but an easy walk through the town.  You can literally enjoy a drink and watch the world pass by.  This is the perfect location to relax.
  • Complimentary (alcoholic) beverages in room.  Yes, please!  Always!  I’ve only experienced an open mini bar a few times in my stays, but the one at LQF might be the very best.  The room came stocked with rum, brandy, vodka, gin, a bottle of local white, a bottle of local red, beer, soda, fruit juice and in honor of my birthday, sparkling wine.  There was also tea, coffee, and biscuits.  Obviously, we would have made more of an effort on the bar, but between Foliage and The Tasting Room, there simply wasn’t enough time.  As I believe LQF is best enjoyed for a minimum two-night stay (even if I did not follow my own advice), I would have liked nothing better than to enjoy a drink on our porch or by our private plunge pool.
  • A brilliant two level villa.  As an upgrade is always appreciated (especially when celebrating one’s birthday), I was floored by the amount of space there was in the House Suite.  There was a proper sitting room (complete with its own porch), a master bedroom and a small upstairs bedroom w/bathroom (perfect for a traveling family).  We also loved the small pool (with sun loungers) just off the main room.  Hubs loved the freestanding bath, while I loved the Charlotte Rhys toiletries.  Yes, I would consider moving in.  🙂


  • We only stayed one night.  To me, this property truly deserves a second night to maximize the stay (and the surrounding area).  In fact, in a perfect world, I would probably try a variety of nearby accommodations (and vineyards).  The remaining Leeu Estates properties look equally lovely, and should I find myself back in Franschhoek, I would definitely consider staying at them.
  • Privacy.  Given the close quarters of the property, there isn’t the highest degree of privacy, however, I do think guests at LQF have chosen the hotel because they are of a discerning sort.  It didn’t bother me that much (and I’m fairly easily bothered by this kind of thing #highmaintence).

A quick note…  Le Quartier Francais will be closed for renovation starting May 22 through July 9th.  As this coincides with the low season in Franschhoek, it makes sense and I would love to return to see what changes were made.  And do not fret, if you want to stay at a property within the family, you can choose from a variety in the Leeu Estates group (which includes next door Leeu House, which looks similarly appointed).

Where’s your favorite place to stay in Franschhoek?



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