The Siam: Modern luxury in BKK.

The Siam: Modern luxury in BKK.

While I certainly don’t mind a chain hotel (the Four Seasons Sayan is still my overall favorite property in the world), I think there’s also a time and place for a smaller, more intimate experience.  While our stay at the W was lovely (those beds!), when we transferred to The Siam at the end of our trip, I knew we were going to enter another level of service and luxury.  Although we weren’t explicitly greeted on arrival (!), a walk through the lush interior courtyard and warm welcome at reception with cold, scented towels, homemade passion fruit juice, and the manager, Nick, I only wished my stay was going to be longer than two nights.

So, what makes The Siam so special?

Unique Offerings

  • 39 rooms (28 suites + 11 pool villas).  There is something so engaging about a smaller property, isn’t there?  Sometimes it’s nice to step out and not feel like one of the masses.  If such a thought is appealing, then the Siam is definitely the right hotel for you.
  • Degree of privacy.  As with above, but more so than almost any property I’ve visited, The Siam is an exclusive oasis in the city.  During my stay, it was rare to run across anyone else, giving the impression I had the entire place to myself.
  • Private pier and speedboat.  What’s that?  A dedicated shuttle boat that ferries you up the Chao Phraya River, allowing you to see the city in an entirely unique way?  Yes, please!  While guests need to schedule in advance, this is an excellent method of transportation.  Bonus?  You can order at the pier and sip on your drink while heading upstream.
  • Butler service.  While I’ve had butler service previously, it was a bit unnecessary at a resort where there is not much to do except when to decide to go to the beach and when to eat.  At The Siam, butlers are so subtly and professionally involved, you might not even realize they are working.  For example, as fantastic as technology is, there can still be a bit of a language hurdle in Bangkok.  The Siam takes care of this by sending you out into the city with perfectly written directions in both English and Thai.  My butler seemed to seamlessly find and assist me without being the slightest bit obtrusive.  For those who liked to be looked after, The Siam should be very high on your list.  And for independent types like myself, it was wonderful to have support in a way that reflected my personality.
  • Amazing suites.  Sigh.  Seriously, sigh again.  With a layout I might want to replicate in a future dream bedroom, my suite was oversized (but not overly ginormous like the Waldorf RAK).  Two televisions? Check.  Gorgeously appointed room?  Check.  Tall ceilings, comfortable bed, and large soaking tub?  Check, check, and check!  After the hustle and bustle of the city, relaxing in the spacious Siam suite was the perfect remedy.  (Lucky Zoe upgraded herself for an extra day and went for one of the pool villas.  Her photos looked absolutely incredible).
  • Two words, banana chips.  The housemade snack is the perfect salty/savory sweet.  I brought some back to share with Hubs, and then ate it all myself!
  • Muy Thai Boxing.  In house.  That’s right, you can set up a lesson without leaving the hotel.  I have it on good authority that this is an intense but rewarding sport.
  • In-house traditional tattooing.  Sak Yant is administrated and applied with traditional khem.  A little more info, you say?  ‘Yant is a traditional form of tattooing magical ancient geometric and deity symbols with Buddhist prayers onto the body.  These yants impart magical powers for luck, protection, charisma, fortune and other powers onto the wearer.’
  • A certain je ne sais quoi.  Much like my experience at the Four Seasons Sayan, I loved the hospitality at The Siam.  For example, when I requested a breakfast to go (my flight was a bit early), I was proactively presented with a checklist of practically any breakfast food I could want (including freshly squeezed watermelon juice).  The grounds themselves are simply fascinating and worth a wander through.  The sounds of La Vie En Rose that serenade you when you walk into your suite…  People who know Bangkok know that this is a special property.  Choose whatever excuse you want (birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion), but life is too short not to #treatyoself now and then.

Things to Consider

  • Price point.  In a city where your currency can be quite strong against the Baht, The Siam doesn’t compromise (which makes sense, given the amount of space, luxury, and amenities that come with the hotel).  With Siam suites starting at $600USD (a bit less if you pay in full in advance), this is certainly not the cheapest date in town.  I would argue that all of the amenities make this a very reasonable cost, however, in a city where you can find a bargain, this might be at the top end of accommodation pricing.
  • Mozzies!  While obviously not intentional, I ended up with almost ten bites (and woke up to the whine of an annoying pest in my ears).  Yes, it’s Thailand so yes, there will be mosquitoes, but I somehow thought the Siam was immune to such pests.  (I should point out I was given a Thai balm immediately after mentioning I had bites).
  • Individual toiletries.  Call me crazy, but I love to take something home that will remind me of my stay long after I’ve left a property.  For The Siam, I would suggest partnering with Diptyique, Aqua di Parma or a local artisan.  I completely understand it’s more sustainable not to have tons of little plastic bottles, however, I frickin’ love them.

Overall, The Siam is an absolutely unique property and well worth a visit.  Plan one day just to relax and simply enjoy the amenities and the rest of the time to explore the city.

Have you stayed at The Siam? What’s your favorite property in Bangkok?

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