Definitely one to 'Catch' on: Saturday brunch.

Having heard from multiple sources that while a bit pricey, Catch was well worth a visit, I was happy to accept an invitation to the venue’s Saturday brunch.  And let’s get one thing straight, this is the brunch Bazxar absolutely wishes it could be.  While Bazxar delivered an average brunch (read my review here for where I think the biggest improvements could be made; Zoe over at Table No. 7 has similar thoughts in her notes), Catch amped everything up — better food, better music, better seating, and better atmosphere.  While Catch does not unseat my top brunch spots in Dubai (The Hide and Intersect by Lexus), it does offer a reliable alternative for the ala carte set (and probably the best deal in town for a Saturday afternoon).

Warmly introduced to the menu and concept, our server asked us for our drinks order while we reviewed the main course selections.  Spoiler alert, there is something for everyone (including you, vegetarian friends).  While we waited, I took in the interior, which, in my opinion, really works.  Equal parts loft and club, with a few retro elements, the design at Catch comes together and adds to the experience.  Similarly, I love a DJ that clearly ‘gets’ their crowd (and knows how loud the music should be — the magic medium just above background music and still at a volume level where diners can have a conversation).  I also unapologetically love the entrance to the bathrooms (don’t forget to look up):

A to Za'atar

Other highlights:

  • Smokers are allowed, but only by the bar and the ventilation system is amazing.
  • The Bloody Mary is easily a contender for the most unique in Dubai.
  • A ton of variety in the menu — including standard and well priced packages for beverages.  (Kudos for serving Fever Tree tonic with the drinks – v. classy).
  • Accepting the brunch should include a lot of breakfast items (my inner Leslie Knope has to come out now and then).
  • Rock Shrimp = yummo.
  • A really (really!) filling experience.
  • A wonderfully diverse crowd.

My notes:

  • Slow down!  Don’t get me wrong… After my Flywheel class earlier in the morning, I had certainly worked up an appetite, however, it felt like we sprinted through the starters when there was no reason to.  After pumping the breaks between the appetizers and main dishes, we still finished dessert and were out the door by just a bit after 3 PM (which could be a record for me at any brunch!).
  • Back off on the sodium.  Hubs’ Steak and Eggs were nearly salty enough that we had to send the plate back (my Lobster Croque Madame was also approaching an unacceptable level).
  • Drop the King Fish tacos — they didn’t work.  My alternative suggestion for appetizers: Sweet potato fries (vegan! delicious!) or truffle fries (who doesn’t love these?).  Also, a big plate of (real) bacon.
  • Read my lips: truffle oil does not belong on caviar.  Ever.
  • Allow guests to order doubles of liquor drinks — it will save your servers time in the long run.

Catch Dubai img_1375 img_1407 img_1387 img_1391 img_4253 img_1393 img_1398

Would I go back?  The salsero in me is very curious to check out the Havana Nights (and see how much actual dancing there is).  The foodie in me wants to go back and try more of the menu (especially to see if some of the mains live up to the pricing).  The libation lover in me has an eye on the pretty spectacular cocktail menu.  So, yes, I see another visit to Catch in my future.

All in, the Saturday brunch represents outstanding value for money and an excellent way to sample the menu and atmosphere.

Have you been to Catch?  What’s your favorite element?

A to Za’atar was a guest of Catch.  Opinions are my own, just ask my husband.
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