AmStur Caviar chauffeur home delivery: Luxury service in the UAE.

You may remember I went to a caviar tasting back in October (thanks to both Emirates Palace and AmStur Caviar for the opportunity).  The afternoon was a great lesson regarding many of the finer points of caviar, led by Mr. Nicholas Narsavidze, Partner at AmStur Caviar.  Well, things are even better now that AmStur has chauffeur home delivery service available across the United Arab Emirates.  In my continued discussions with the team at AmStur, I was able to quickly and easily place an online order for a holiday party with friends and family.  After reviewing the options, we decided on a trio of caviar (Organic Empress, Royal, and Select).

My next step?  Wait.

At the appointed time, the caviar was personally delivered my order to my villa.  I didn’t need to worry about leaving the house, rushing out, or trying to find a location.  Instead, my caviar arrived on time, perfectly packed.  On arrival, Nick went through the correct method to store the caviar where it was kept secure and at the right temperature until the party.  With Nick’s recommendation, I froze a Himalayan salt block to bring with me to serve the caviar on (keeping the product at a consistently cool temperature is key).

And rather than tell you about it, why not show you?  Here’s a quick look at how the caviar arrived and where it should be stored.

img_3980 img_3987

The day of the party, Hubs and I prepared traditional blinis with topping for our friends (I used this Pinterest pin for inspiration).  We made three kinds of dips — including sour cream with finely chopped onion, dill, and spring onions (with lemon to squeeze if necessary).  Of course, for the first tasting, we did a simple taste test with no accouterment whatsoever.  Everyone enjoyed caviar directly from their hands, which was a festive treat and helped us discern the specific flavors.

While serving caviar at home might not be something you’ve ever considered, I thought the home delivery service was a sophisticated way to elevate an evening with friends or family and a way to add something new for everyone at the table.  The addition of AmStur caviar made our event festive and a special occasion and I would definitely consider bringing AmStur to another party (or serving at my next gathering).

Are you interested in AmStur for your New Years Eve party?  (Or any special event?)  Ordering is easy!  Visit the AmStur website to shop online or call 04 551 9528 to place your order.

As a final note — I wanted to congratulate the team at AmStur for their new Guinness World Record for the largest tin of caviar — the event at the Burj Al Arab looked amazing!

A to Za’atar was given free product as part of this review.  Opinions are my own, just ask my husband.


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