Weekend links.

I wish I had more weeks like this one!  I got out to meet some wonderful Floridian contacts (Emirates launches the flight tomorrow) and over to Vesna to taste some one of a kind champagne as well as meet a lot of exciting new people.  I started with the week with some foodie festivities (thanks, Jones the Grocer) and will be doing the same again on Friday (thanks, JW Marriott Marquis and Zoe).

I’m going to lunch at the newly opened Dragonfly today, watch Rogue One on Saturday and attend my husband’s holiday party at one of my favorite tried and tested locations in Dubai, Flavours on Two.  A bit cheap and cheerful, but this venue has never let me down and I’ve been going for years.  Next week, I’m out to Abu Dhabi for a review and then awaiting a delivery of caviar, and then back to Abu Dhabi for a brunch.

What are you up to this weekend?


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