Tub of Butter: A great start on SZR.

Certainly, I did not come up with the name of this location…  And when I asked the hostess where the name came from, she didn’t have a specific answer.  Still, strange mental food images aside, the venue is an absolute delight (and one that doesn’t have a website that I can link to, so here is the Facebook page).  Much like other restaurants in this category, one can expect a loft-like interior with chic seating, and high-end imported groceries and cookbooks available for purchase.  There is also a dedicated child’s area, and a large seating area in the rear of the venue (honestly, a lot more space than I originally expected).

So, what about the food?  Well, on Day #3 of being open, I am happy to report it is quite good.  For our breakfast visit, I ordered the Crushed Avocados (served with chili, lime and chia seeds, AED48), while Hubs ordered the Breakfast Burger (AED55).  I’d call the current breakfast menu a bit sparse, but there is certainly something for everyone.  While I tend to prefer sourdough or a more substantial bread as a base for my avocado, the brioche was certainly fresh and the amount of avocado was substantial (although the chia seeds added nothing in particular).  Would I like to see a poached egg on top of my avocado?  Sure, I would…but for a just opened venue, I’m willing to give them a break.  Hubs was happy with his order, but like many a Dubai expat, lamented the fact that veal bacon was served (a poor substitute for pork).

A peek at the lunch menu yielded a far larger selection (including an array of salads, tartines, pastas, pizzas, and burgers).
img_3509 img_3510 img_3512 img_3514 img_3515 img_3516 img_3518

Overall, I found the service and ambiance to be above average (especially considering they’ve more or less just opened).  I liked the selection of the menu, but felt the prices were about 20% too high.  On our ride home, Hubs and I discussed what we felt would have been appropriate and we both came up with the same number… AED120.  Although we were willing to concede a second cup of cappuccino added to our AED167 bill, we thought prices could easily be reduced to get a true sense of value for money.  If the restaurant does not want to change their costs, I would suggest adding a bit more to their dishes to give a greater sense of value (i.e. a plate of fruit, mushrooms, or pastry).

All this being said, I would definitely go back and give lunch a chance.  The location is a nice change from busy Al Wasl or Beach Road.

What are you willing to pay for breakfast in Dubai?  Will you check out this new venue?
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