Hi Honey…

Maybe a bit out of my usual range for posting, but there’s a first time for everything, yes?  Although I rely a bit too heavily on sugar substitutes and other chemicals (Sweet & Low, aspartame, caffeine…), I do think there are times when only natural sugars should be used.  And since I don’t particularly like Stevia, honey is always in my pantry.  For me, honey gets added to my morning smoothie (I’m a big fan of my Nutribullet) and whenever I have a lemon and ginger tea (my go to for hangover relief).  Honey has always been one of those products where I thought, ‘Gets the job done, nothing more to see here.’

So, when Real Activ Herbal Honey reached out to me with their infused line of honey, I thought, ‘Why not?’  Although they have additional options (Aniseed and Cardamom), I chose the following:

·         Real Activ Honey with Cinnamon

·         Real Activ Honey with Ginger

While nicely packaged, I didn’t have any particular expectations for taste.  Adding a dollop to my tea, I was pleasantly surprised that the product was exactly as advertised — just enough sharpness of ginger to balance the sweetness of the honey.  My only real critique of the product is that I tend to prefer my honey in a squeeze bottle of some sort (it’s just easier to serve).

While I’m not a baker or cook of any particular skill, I could easily see these products enhancing any recipe that called for honey.

real honey

What say you, dear reader?  Do you have a specific brand of honey that you prefer?

Real Activ Honey is available on Amazon and select grocery stores.  A to Za’atar was provided with a free sample of the product.  Opinions are my own, just ask my husband.


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