Top Foodie Gifts for the Festive Season.

Is there a proclaimed foodie in your life?  Are you searching for the perfect gift to get them?  Look no further!  Here are a few fun gifts to consider for your favorite food-loving person (and I hope you have a Shop & Ship account…).  While certainly a person who enjoys dining out will always respond to gift certificates or a night in your company (perhaps at an establishment they’ve always wanted to try), here are a few physical items you might want to consider.  And if you’re ever really stuck or out of time, just remember a cold bottle of nice champagne will always go a long way!

Finally, in case you wanted another excellently curated list of gifts to look at, check out the 2016 Eater Gift Guide, La Gwenyth’s goop Traveler gift guide (or her Cook gift guide), or The Stripe’s guide for the frequent traveler. (Honestly, guys, this time of year is so fun for me — I love a good gift guide!).



  • Similarly, if you are like me and have a mighty need for stationary and tiny books to take notes in, there is also this option, Passport Pocket Notebooks.









I could do this all day!

What’s on your list?  Anything I missed?

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season ahead!


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