Parker's: Surprisingly Awesome.

Parker's: Surprisingly Awesome.

Parker’s was one of those mystery venues that kind of snuck onto my radar via Instagram.  Although I visited after all the key drama, I think the marketing technique was a creative one, and a fun way to get some word of mouth buzz about a new restaurant.  Anyway…with some last minute purchases to be made before heading off to Bali last week, Dubai Mall and Parker’s were both on my agenda.  Parker’s, located at the top of the Star Atrium is a bit tucked away than some of the more obvious food venues at the mall, but definitely worth seeking out.  Having done little more research than checking out their presence on social media, I was pleasantly surprised to see a naturally lit venue with lots of seating and tall ceilings.

Much like Shake Shack or Lime Tree Cafe, the Parker’s ordering system has patrons order and pay up front, and then head to a table with a number in hand.  In practice, I really enjoy this at more low-key venues.  After all, when I’m done with my meal, it allows me to simply get up and go, rather than wait to try and flag down someone to settle up.  However, the ordering system is not the star here, the food is.

Even though I was going to be wearing a bikini the next day, I couldn’t help but order the Street Fries and Pretzel Chicken Fingers (along with, of course, a Diet Coke).  While I was tempted by the Lotus Drama, I did have my limits (as do my bathing suits), and quite honestly, my order was enough that I had plenty to take home to Hubs.

Although it was early, the staff were friendly and while waiting for my food, I started chatting about the success of the restaurant.  For starters, if you’re thinking of dining between 12-4PM on the weekends, be prepared to wait.  Getting a table is a hot ticket and I can see why.

My fries arrived first, and they immediately delivered.  The chili lime sauce is probably my new favorite condiment and the other toppings added a nice amount of texture.  Yes, even fries can (clearly) be elevated.  At AED29, the price is perfect.  It’s a good plate to share, or enjoy by yourself.

The chicken is next (off the Pops menu), and while the stubborn pretzels mostly want to stay in place, some parts of the pretzel batter do manage to escape.  Fortunately, the spiced mustard sauce, delivered with a punch of heat is enough to keep me happy.  And again, at AED37, I felt the cost to be just right for the dish.


Parkers Dubai

Readers, this was honestly the best kind of meal.  I walked in with little to no expectations, and walked out with a new favorite I can’t wait to go back to.  Parkers makes things look effortless and easy, something I’ve seen local restaurants struggle with.  When everything comes together (service, venue, price, and taste), you’ve got a real winner.

Have you been to Parkers?  What’s your favorite dish?

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