Weekend links.

A low-key week here at A to Za’atar…  Saving up for my energy next week, perhaps?

Another attempt to Coya this week was thwarted by a migraine (boo!), but if all goes well, I’ll be going next Sunday (with another one of the fabulous Dubai foodies).  Tonight we were thinking about going to La Tablita, but the thought of going to Deira from JVC on a Thursday night makes me want to cry.  So, maybe (just maybe) tomorrow we’ll try El Sur for brunch (I’m only tempted because of the Entertainer coupon…and I loves me some tapas).  We’re also trying a HIIT class tomorrow morning, so I might die, I’m not sure yet — check back next week to find out.

Next week has a lot on tap in Abu Dhabi…  I’m looking forward to visit the capital.

What are your plans?

Video of the week (I can’t stop watching this):


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