Dinner at Al Mawra: Atana Musandam.

Dinner at Al Mawra: Atana Musandam.

With a small property usually comes a versatile restaurant and Al Mawra is no different.  Although we tried and failed to give sundowners a chance at the Atana Khasab, looking at the menu, we were pleased to see plenty of options (for all palates) at the small on-site restaurant at the Atana Musandam.  After selecting a bottle of mineral water, we ordered both the hot mezze and tuna tartare to start the meal.

The mezze arrived in a small tagine (a nice touch) and was filled with traditional vegetarian and meat options.  Nothing earth shattering here, but filling.  The tuna tartare was a surprise, especially in the middle of nowhere Oman.  While we both agreed the conceptualization of the dish was on point, we would have added more apple, a smaller cut of tuna and a much-needed dash of lemon to brighten the plate.  The soft piece of bread (toast?) served with the dish brought nothing.


Al Mawra

For main dishes, how was I to pass up Omani lobster?  As luxurious and lovely as lobster is, it’s not something I usually go for, and prefer my lobster to be quite firm in texture.  While the presentation of this lobster was pleasant, and the meat was easy to peel from the shell, the protein itself was a bit tender for my preference.

Hubs ordered lamb chops (served as three separate chops), and the dish disappeared quite quickly (cooked at a perfect medium).  Our mains were served with french fries (well, we were on holiday) and a small dish of mushrooms.

Although there was a tempting offer of ice cream (served three ways), we declined an order of dessert (the starter and mains were quite filling).

For an onsite restaurant (honestly, your only other option is whatever is on offer at Lulu), I think Al Mawra delivers.  With a truly international menu, there should be something for everyone (including younger guests).

A to Za’atar was a guest of Atana Musandam.  Opinions are my own, just ask my husband.

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