The Third Place Cafe: Originality in Abu Dhabi.

The Third Place Cafe: Originality in Abu Dhabi.

The Third Place Cafe has been on my radar for some time…  As I think I’ve mentioned previously, getting me off of Saadiyat Island when I lived in Abu Dhabi was nearly an impossible task.  And going on island on a weekend?  Forget it!  Of course, now that I live in Dubai, for the sake of seeing a dear friend off on the next phase and adventure that is her life, traveling the 3 hour round trip to her favorite restaurant seemed no big deal at all.

The Third Place
Photo courtesy of The Third Place website.

As you enter the unassuming converted villa (don’t worry, PLENTY of parking close by — a rarity on the island), there are a variety of places to sit (comfy chairs and couches or more private tables).  Much like the Lime Tree model, the menu is not printed but instead written on a large wall.  I, being in the mood for some sweets, seeing the word ‘Nutella’ decided to ditch the diet and go for the French Toast (which came with both a hot drink, I chose a yummy chai and freshly squeezed orange juice), while my more health conscious companions both opted for salads (had I know that I could’ve ordered a salad at 10:15 AM, I might have joined them not really), specifically, the Vegan Salad and the Spinach and Goat Cheese Salad (both served in bowls practically large enough to swim in).  For a sweeter note, they ordered the Fresh Fruit Platter (off the breakfast menu, the dish comes with a lovely ginger yogurt and granola, along with a selection of fruit).

The Third Place
I had to be polite, or this would’ve disappeared in under 60 seconds.
The Third Place
Seasonal fruit with ginger yogurt (perhaps slightly overpriced at AED55, but includes hot beverage and juice).
The Third Place
But seriously, this Vegan salad looks incredible!
The Third Place
Not going to lie, this would probably be what I order next time.

Overall, we were all happy with our choices…and while I did not do the same for Hubs, my friend was nice enough to purchase a brownie and muffin to take home to her husband and son.

Per the website:

We are creating a Third Place that can serve a medley of cultures, as that is the definition of Abu Dhabi. The Third Place to us, is defined as that neutral corner that is neither your work not your home. It is a place where you can: do your work, read your book, make your art, feed your hunger… Or simply just drink your [good!] coffee – while feeling nothing short of comfortable.

The Third Place is yours, theirs and ours.


With a venue in the style of cafe I like best, the interior is cozy and inviting.  While we went for breakfast, it was clear that nearly anything on the menu would be wonderful (and I wish I would’ve ordered a fresh juice or smoothie).

I wish it wouldn’t have taken me so long to go here!  Lucky residents of Abu Dhabi — please feel free to make up for my absence.  If you need a quiet, easy spot to meet up, check out The Third Place.
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