Brothaus in Business Bay, or The Case of the AED20 Soda.

Brothaus in Business Bay, or The Case of the AED20 Soda.

I want to call this place ‘bro haus,’ oops.

So, the Steigenberger Hotel is a new addition to Business Bay.  With a BOGO for spa services (which I’ll review separately) and pool access in the June Entertainer, we were relaxed (necessary to work out all the kinks of 14 hours of flying) and onto lunch at the in-house bakery, Brothaus.  The restaurant appeared to be still clearing the brunch crowd, so we had to wait for a moment for a seat.  No big deal — it gave me time to check out the venue.  With wonderfully tall ceilings, a selection of yummy looking baked goods and al fresco seating options (for later in the year), on paper, Brothaus looked to be a nice treat for lunch.

Quaint, yes?

Once at our table, a quick looked at the charmingly presented paper menu and I decided on the White Bread Roll (with chicken schnitzel, avocado aioli, lettuce and pickled cucumbers more colloquially known as ‘pickles’), while Hubs opted for the lunch special, the fish and chips.  Although I’m trying to lose those holiday kilos, I’m still partial to freshly baked bread and therefore couldn’t pass up some from the small basket that was presented before the meal (the best of the batch being the slightly cheesy bread – yum!).  Chatting about the Brexit nonsense, we waited.  And waited.  And at the point where we were going to get up and ask where our food was, our food appeared.  My chicken schnitzel wasn’t particularly warm or cold, but fortunately, Hubs’ fish and chips were hot (even if the chips were limp, flaccid pieces of starch and nary a pot of mushy peas to be seen).  Perhaps it was all the delicious local places I have recently visited, but I can honestly say ‘expectations were met’ for my sandwich (this was the case upstairs in the spa as well).  Let’s be clear, I’m not putting a deli sandwich against an award-winning restaurant, but really…

The best part of the meal is at the top left.
Average sandwich is average.
Brothaus Dubai
Do not adjust your screen, that chip is green and the charred lemon was messy and difficult to use.

All was mostly well until we saw the bill.  Y’all, we’ve lived here long enough to see AED40 for water in this city, but at this venue, I wasn’t prepared for AED20 300ml Diet Coke ($5.45 for a small can might even be more than the disaster in the Seychelles).  I just wasn’t.  If you tack on the AED75 for the fish and chips (significantly overpriced for the portion and not marked anywhere on the cheery little signs stating the ‘special of the day’), this was of the most bloated bills I have ever witnessed in the city.  I wanted to like this place, but given the complete lack of value for money, cannot make a recommendation to return.

Is this meal worth going out of your way so you can attempt their disaster of an unfinished driveway?  No, sorry.  Jones the Grocer, Tom & Serg, Comptoir 102, or any number of cafe/bakeries in Dubai that are more easily accessed can easily fill the void (and save you a few dizzles in the process!).

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