1910 Public House: Small town, big flavors!

Growing up in the suburbs (and staying outside the city when visiting home), I’m always grateful and on the look out for non-chain restaurants.  As a way to celebrate and support local business, I think it’s important to dine in new establishments, especially ones like 1910 Public House in Lilburn, GA.  A quick drive from my parent’s house, we arrive in the tiny downtown Lilburn and get a table right inside the front window.  The decor is similar to Victory in that open plan, exposed HVAC kind of way (I happen to like this style, but I’m sure it’s not for everyone).

1910 Public House

Our server was polite (like, almost too nice — if such a thing is possible and the most proactive water pourer I have ever witnessed) and after looking at the fairly extensive cocktail list (great depth in the wine and local beer selections as well), a round was ordered including a standard Mojito, Old Fashioned, Nectarita (a spicy take on the traditional margarita) and a Moscow Mule.  We also put in an order for the pimento cheese (with bacon jam and a dish I am fast becoming addicted to), which arrived quite promptly (and was distributed quite quickly around the table).  As another starter, Hubs also ordered fried oysters, which came with a delicious sauce.

1910 Public House
Mmm, bacon jam.
1910 Public House
Crispy, with a yummy (and spicy) remoulade.

At this point, I was delighted to see the restaurant getting busy (something I’m sure lots of places would like to be on a Monday night).  With mains on the way, I decided to try the Very Berry Martini (which was absolutely delicious and full of fresh fruit…really, I wished I had ordered one of these originally.  Our dishes came out and with such a big group, there was a great selection from the diverse Southern menu.  In my desperate attempt to keep a handle on calories, I ordered a half portion of the Cesar salad with shrimp (with the dressing a bit heavy for me, but still quite tasty).  My sister did the same, but we were able to talk my Mom out of some of her delicious seared sea scallops (with a nice serving of lemon risotto, brussels sprouts, blood orange reduction).  Hubs opted for Tuna Tacos (and raved about the sauce).  My Dad was all but licking the plate of his shrimp and grits (served with tomato brandy cream sauce, applewood-smoked bacon, caramelized onions, andouille sausage).  As a group, we were all quite happy with our selections (which, when dining with multiple parties and tastes is not always easy to do).

1910 Public House
Do you see the size of those scallops?
1910 Public House
BIL (and PT hand model) could not finish the large portion of the salad.
1910 Public House
Tasty tacos!

Too full for dessert, we finished our drinks and went home.  I enjoyed this restaurant so much, I’m going to try and get back for lunch or brunch during my stay.  Yes, it’s a bit of a schlep (especially for those outside the perimeter), but for residents of Gwinnett County, I think it is well worth a trip.  While price points a bit higher than your average chain restaurant, I’m willing to pay for a locally sourced and independently operated restaurant.

Have you been to the 1910 Public House?  What’s your favorite dish?
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