V is for Victory: Small sambos and boozy slushies.

V is for Victory: Small sambos and boozy slushies.

There are lots of (not so) hidden gems in Decatur, GA and Victory Sandwich Bar is just such a location.  When my sister pitched me a place with ‘Jack Daniels and Coke slushies,’ I was sold.  The location is done in a loft style, with large windows and a patio (it was raining when we arrived, so we weren’t able to take advantage of the outside seating).  On arrival, you place an order, and a server will bring your sandwiches (or salads, or pickles…you get the idea) to the table.

I ordered the Mile High Club and the Hambo.  The mile high was not particularly tall, well, neither sandwich was, but they were quite tasty and two was plenty (all with flavors as advertised).  The rest of the table ordered a variety off the menu and each was happy with their order [apologies, the lack of sandwich pictures is directly proportional to how hungry I was and how tasty the meal was].

Victory Sandwich
No sambo pics, but isn’t the interior cool?

Although we had to wait until 12:30 to order our alcoholic drinks (this was a Sunday in the South, y’all), my Victory Libre (Mexican Coca-Cola with rum and lime juice) was well worth the wait.  As I was our designated driver, I only had one, but I’m fairly certain that’s all the sugar I would need.

Victory Libre
To ensure my sugar intake was enough, I also had a salted chocolate chip cookie. 🙂

Hubs and BIL ordered the ‘world famous’ Jack Daniels and Coke slushies and were not disappointed in the slightest (although they did say two was enough because of the sugar).

While there are lots of fantastic dining options in downtown Decatur, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Victory — its creative, quirky and well worth a stop.

I wonder if I could ask them about opening a branch in Dubai…

What’s your favorite thing on offer at Victory?

Pro-tip: Bring a sweater!  The interior is quite chilly.
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