What Are You Doing the Night Before You Travel?

I saw this question asked on another travel blog, and thought I would answer (especially as I’m leaving on an unexpected long haul trip tomorrow — some side notes on how I travel over here).

For starters, I’m a habitual early packer.  When I was working full time, starting to pack meant that my trip was going to become a reality.  I like to put together small amounts at a time, so I don’t forget anything.  I am not a throw everything in at the last minute kind of gal.

So, I will most likely be packed this evening and:

  • Charging everything
  • Downloading podcasts
  • Downloading books
  • Making sure all my projects are prepped and ready on my laptop (novel saved, trailer material ready, potentially a few other projects I have every intention of working on but will not open as well)
  • Ordering takeaway (can’t have dirty dishes!)
  • Trying to go for a long walk
  • Attempting to scrounge up all the random change and currency I have for that country
  • Triple checking my alarm (but still not sleeping well anyway)
dog luggage
I wish!

Do you have any traditions the night before you travel?  What sort of traveler are you?

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