Nice Pub Grub: Brunswick Sports Club.

Nice Pub Grub: Brunswick Sports Club.

With visitors in town (this is Dubai, after all), I had the chance to check out a relatively new restaurant, the Brunswick Sports Club (brought to you by the same team responsible for Tom and Serg among other successful restaurants in the city, hello Bull and Roo squad!).

At the start, what I think makes their new restaurant special is the location.  I believe we’ve established I like an alcoholic beverage and now I can get one steps from Mall of the Emirates.  Imagine a busy day of shopping, or just before going to see a movie — now you can enjoy a cocktail, beer or glass of wine before (or after) braving the crowds.  I don’t about you, but this sounds heavenly.  Yes, there is the Kempinski (which is also licensed), but for a simple meal with a drink, the Brunswick Sports Club fits the bill quite nicely.

Although I’ve passed it on numerous occasions, I had never been in the Sheraton until yesterday.  As a hotel, well, I’m not sure why the lobby at the mall level has much more of a ‘wow’ factor than the one guests actually check in at, but that’s just me.  Meeting my friends, we settle into a table (smokers take note, there is a separate area for you) and look through the menu.  As a venue, the interior of the pub is set up very much like a sports bar // boxing club.  There are an ample number of televisions and I like how the seating is laid out (it allows plenty of people to crowd around, or take their own table).  On the sound system is a great collection of tunes.  So far, so good.

Brunswick Sports Club

Brunswick Sports Club
In which I have fun editing photos.

As you might imagine, the menu, dear vegetarians, is not really for you — although there are options, the emphasis here is heavily on protein.  While it’s a bit dark in the interior, we manage to peruse the selections and each find something to enjoy.  I go back and forth between the Verger (a vegetarian option made of roasted sweet potato) and on the other end of the spectrum, the BFC (essentially, chicken and waffles).  My guests decide on the Brunswick burger and the Smokey, respectively.  While we wait, a small basket of popcorn (yummy) is brought out.  Deciding to take advantage of drinking practically in the mall, our party orders a beer, a cider and of course, I have to try the Stings Like a Bee cocktail.  On arrival, my drink is, as promised and with a kick of sriracha, has enough bite to pace myself.  Should you be inclined, the food menu comes with paired suggestions for drinks (off of the extensive beverage list), which I think is great attention to detail.

Upon the timely arrival of our main plates, we’re all happy with our dishes, which are consumed quickly.  My chicken and waffles are served with both maple syrup and cream (I only used the syrup to dip the waffles into, FYI, lest you think I threw cream all over everything).  The bacon was yummy, the waffles crispy and sweet and the chicken fried to perfection — +10 points to Gryffindor for the buttermilk sriracha mayo (I could’ve used even more).  Given I started a diet this week, it was the perfect meal to go out on. I even managed to save some to bring home to Hubs (who immediately consumed the leftovers).  As a table, we also share sweet potato fries (priced a wee bit high for the portion at AED30).

chicken and waffles
And many noms were had.

Overall, my only notes would be to include fries with the burger dishes.  It seems a shame to charge separately for this staple, and given the prices, unnecessary.  Additionally, while service was great at the start, at the end we had to practically send out a flare to get the check closed out.  With a bottle of water, we ended the meal at AED370, which feels about 50 dizzles too much for a party of 3, but not enough to stop me going back for another visit.

After the diet is over, of course…

Have you been?  Which is your favorite of the Bull and Roo properties?

Do you know anywhere else in the city that serves up a good plate of chicken and waffles?  If so, please let me know!
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