Weekend links.

Some great food news this week:

  • You had me at grilled cheese roll ups.
  • Would You Buy a $150 Patrón Donut? (Would you buy me one?)
  • Timely info.  In Dubai, how important are social media influencers?  As someone trying to make progress in this area, I think an Instagram can say a lot…
  • Tahini Oreos?  Any talented bakers want to send some my way? 
  • Am I a wannabe or a critic?  Or somewhere in between?  A great article discusses the difference.  I think this should be required reading for anyone who considers themselves a food blogger.
  • Headlines I like to read: Women Clean Up at the James Beard awards.
  • Prince Street podcast.  I listened to their first effort, which was pretty decent.  After a little cleaning up on the format, I think it will be a great foodie listen!

Tonight…well, I’m not sure what we’ll do, but tomorrow we’re going to the Star Wars themed brunch at the Waldorf Astoria on the Palm. On Saturday I’m meeting up with friends to try Tom & Serg’s new place at the Sheraton.

What are you up to?  Enjoy your extra day off!

pizza gif
Not at all related to late night drinks yesterday…

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3 thoughts on “Weekend links.

    1. Have you listened to the Travelogue podcast by Conde Nast Traveler? It’s pretty decent, but also US centric. I’d love some recommendations on a more global foodie podcast!


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