Weekend links.

A good week here at the A to Za’atar headquarters – hope you had a lovely one as well!

  • (Not) Recipies.
  • Popular recipes put to the test.
  • Would you go on a culinary holiday?  Spoiler alert, I totally would.
  • Why does Mackers Coke taste better? (This is a thing, I promise).
  • Edible cutlery?  Seems like a good solution to some of the world’s problems.  Here’s the Kickstarter, if you want to support!
  • Living in a location where farm to table is nearly impossible, I think this expose on the farm to table movement is fascinating.  If course, it’s Florida, so…
  • I am straight up fascinated by this class.
  • ICYMI, I went to Enigma and it was amazing.

As for the weekend, I’m still not over brunches yet and really hoping to get to Hashi tomorrow.  If not, I’ve got my eye on Reform Social & Grill or potentially another two other newish restaurants (Weslodge?  Katana?).  What are you up to?  Next week has the potential for a lot of food and travel type stuff – I’m excited!

And here is your food cinemagraph for the weekend, enjoy!

food cinemagraph


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