There are worse ways to spend a Monday night: The Ivy

There are worse ways to spend a Monday night: The Ivy

With an old friend in town, we decided to decamp to The Ivy on Monday night.  The location itself has long been a favorite of mine.  In 2007, my first job was in the Emirates Towers and many a ladies night was spent at the (now closed) Scarlett’s or The Agency (fairly certain I picked up my Dubai stone in wine and fondue).  Refurbished some time ago, mid-week, The Ivy seemed a good location for a quiet catch up — which is exactly what we were after.   (To be fair to the restaurant, I’ve heard wonderful things about the brunch, which I imagine would be the polar opposite of the low key night we enjoyed).

Reservations?  Are you guys on Reserve Out?  I find it the easiest for booking restaurants in Dubai.  While technically not needed, I always like to make the venue aware that I am showing up.  (Does that make me weird?)

Ambiance?  Uber traditional.  Think dark wood, white tablecloths, immaculately dressed staff.  It’s almost jarringly placed off the main Boulevard terminal at Emirates Towers.  However, to be fair, the toilets have received a massive upgrade from the days of Scarletts.

Service?  Pleasant, unobtrusive, polite.

Food?  I’m not entirely sure how ‘brasserie’ is defined, but I found the dishes to be worth ordering again.  I’ve been on a bit of a gastro kick recently, so risotto seemed somehow…plain.  Yes, I sound like a food snob.  Everything was pleasant enough and I was impressed by the amount of pork on the menu.  The portions were filling (such that I did not leave enough room to finish my delicious banana sticky toffee pudding).  I could’ve used a touch more burrata in my parma salad, but everyone in our party was pleased with their order.

Bad food blogger is bad.  I sat in a super dark spot and basically managed amateur level photos.

The Ivy Dubai

Cost?  If you’re out on a school night, AED99 for four drinks (in the Lounge) is certainly a difficult deal to beat.  Additionally, on Sunday and Monday evenings, the AED200 per person for a 3-course set menu was a wonderful offer.  (And for those who pay attention, the Ivy is also in the Entertainer — both the lounge and the restaurant).  And if you want to end your evening on a high note, Harry Ghatto’s is always waiting upstairs… #terriblepun

Thoughts from Hubs…  Why do our good times have to be on school nights?
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  • hahahaha, high note, lol! I’ve been to The Ivy for dinner and back for drinks not too long ago. I must have picked the wrong timing or wrong wine, as my glass of wine was 90AED lol! So 90AED – that’s a deal! Did not know about the 200AED for 3-course set menu, will check it out next time.

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