Weekend links.

So, I guess ALL the links this week?

  • Who doesn’t love a cocktail (menu)?
  • Wine slushies?  Yes, please.
  • Cocktails for drinkers, artisanal lovers not welcome.
  • Would you want people to watch you eat?
  • There is hope for me yet.  The Healthiest People In The World Eat A Lot Of Carbs (YAS!!!)
  • I basically want to order and eat everything on this site.  Sometimes, it’s a very good thing I do not live in the US.
  • Does sitting at the bar beat dining at a table?  Here are some opinions.
  • Of course goop suggests a $200 smoothie.
  • Do you eat dinner as a family?  Since moving to Dubai, Hubs and I have started doing this again.  It’s nice!

We’re off to Tresind tomorrow night and I’m excited — I’ve heard a lot of good things about this venue.  I’ll also be trying out a new restaurant in Abu Dhabi on Sunday night and maybe even swinging to check out the Burj Al Arab’s Gold on 27 next week.

However, I’m most excited about attending the first (!) Zomato blogging conference on Saturday.  I’m hoping to learn a lot and meet up with some other great foodies.


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