Molecular Gastronomic Delights as Dubai Gets Farzified!

Farzi Cafe Dubai

On an overcast evening in March (what is UP with the weather this spring in Dubai?), a select group of foodies were invited to a gastro molecular tasting at Farzi Cafe.  To personally attend to the evening was Mr. Zorawar Kalra, restaurateur and genuine host.  Pitched a ‘modern Indian cafe’ with promises of a ‘quirky theatrical experience,’ I was impressed by the attention to detail and artistry.  With each dish a work of art (yes, Instagram foodie types — you have a new ‘must visit’ locale) and more unique than the one before, the guests were delighted by the dinner.  As Mr. Kalra informed us, Farzi Cafe is the only cafe which serves up molecular gastronomy and believes this type of cuisine can be delivered without the cost of fine dining prices.

Standout dishes included: Dynamite prawns and the scallops in peanut sauce (I’m sure they have fancier names, but you should recognize them on the menu).  I was further impressed by the balance of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.  This would easily be a location where both could find plenty of plates to enjoy.

Finally, it was clear that the wait staff are very well trained and can answer any questions one might have on not only the process behind the food, but recommendations across the expansive menu as well.

If you need an excuse to visit the (relatively) recently opened CityWalk, look no further.  And if this is a look into the future of Indian cuisine, I’m on board.

Below, a selection of what I tried!  (Believe me, there were a lot more offered!)

Farzi Cafe Dubai
Quite the amusing bouche, yes?
Farzi Cafe Dubai
Crack open for a tasty surprise!
Farzi Cafe Dubai
Deconstructed shepherd’s pie (with Wagyu – yum!).
I actually am counting the minutes until I can eat this again (dynamite shrimp).
A fun take on Arancini di riso (w dal). Are you convinced yet?
Tasty shredded mutton. (Someone please correct me because I’m sure this dish has a proper name).
Rasmalai tres leches (with rose spun topping).

I was invited as a guest of the restaurant, however, the opinions are entirely my own (just ask my husband, I have views on everything)
Farzi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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