Nothing to Hide: The Meatopia Brunch.

Nothing to Hide: The Meatopia Brunch.

Having had such a wonderful time at Hide a few weeks previously, when an Entertainer voucher popped up for buy one, get one free deal for the Friday brunch (as well as this highly supportive review), I knew where I wanted to spend my birthday brunch!  Look, I think it’s well established we like to brunch and when an ala carte opportunity presents itself, well, we’re usually going to take advantage.

Reservations?  Made online.  Confirmed by phone 48 hours before the meal.  I should note that parties of 10+ would require a credit card to book.

Ambiance?  Wonderfully American.  As compared to the brunch last weekend (Mina A’Salaam, buffet style), we dined in the comfort of large leather chairs, indoors among what I would probably describe as the Wild West meets upscale gentleman’s club.  The restaurant was nearly entirely full, which added to a fun atmosphere (and yet not busting at the seams, as the nearby Al Qasr brunch seemed to be doing).

Service?  Unobtrusive and responsive.  Did I have to wait now and then for a top up?  Yes.  Did I mind in the least?  No.  Was the meal served cohesively?  Yes.  Was it outlined and delivered as mentioned?  Yes.  I also appreciated that the manager stopped by to check in on us (not necessary, but always a nice touch).

Food?  And this is where the Meatopia brunch gets set apart.  Yes, other properties do a buffet very well, but in those circumstances, how much do you actually eat?  In Friday’s brunch, we shared a number of starters, then tucked into main dishes with traditional sides (I was very happy to see something lighter on offer — in this case, a tuna fillet) and then back to a group desert.  I would order almost every single dish again.

Deconstructed tartare
Deconstructed tartare.
Prawns in cocktail sauce – why mess with something that works?
One of the best spinach artichoke dips I’ve ever had (served creatively with endive).
Rabbit and parmesan croquettes (nom).
That is rare tuna (just as I ordered).
One of the meatier mains.
My favorite desert in the city, the campfire s’more.

Cost?  With the Entertainer coupon, each couple paid AED495 (including drinks).  We rounded up to AED 600 in total for a tip.

Parting thoughts from Hubs…  What excuse do we have to go back soon?

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