Local Snack Review: Munchbox

As part of our move ‘welcome hamper’ we received a few coupons that I decided to give a try this week.  One of them was Munchbox mostly because I will try anything related to food.  The concept is straightforward, go to the website, order a box (I started with a one off ‘surprise’) and the next day it will be delivered (pay cash on delivery).  I liked that all the snacks were vegan (like all 40 of the options).  I think that’s a fairly rare find in the Emirates.  While I know the U.S. has a ton of options for food and snack subscription services, Munchbox seems like one of the only in the UAE.

From the Munchbox website.

The packaging was cute and the treats were divided up in a set of 6, clearly marked with calories and other nutritional details.

Cute packaging is cute.  Also, this is my view most days.


Please mind the editing. Also, I could eat a bucket of these.

With a total cost of AED60 (each box is AED10), it’s a decently priced option.  If I was a bit more focused on my snacks, I could easily see ordering a box for me and Hubs at the start of the week.  Really is AED120 much worse than eating a ton or Pringles celery and hummus?

Do you have snack delivery in the GCC?  Any recommendations?


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