Weekend Links.

Still getting settled after the move!  Some links to lift me up:

  • As a huge fan of the show, I was intrigued by this article, The Grammar of ‘Top Chef’: What’s With ‘It Eats Salty’? (via MentalFloss)
  • There are SO many food events in Dubai this month, it’s kind of overwhelming!  We weren’t able to get tickets to the Dubai Food Truck Brunch, but I do have my eye on elements of the Dubai Food Festival, the Love Food Festival in Abu Dhabi and Tom&Serg’s curry night.
  • I want to stress eat the shit out of these. (via Scoutmob)
  • Would love to get to one! Roving Redzepi: It’s the Age of the Five-Star Pop-Up Restaurant. (via CNT)
  • As a now stay at home wife/writer, I’m trying to up my cooking game.  This week I made this dish, which was easy and yummy.  Too bad the same cannot be said for my highly disappointing tuna casserole or the epic fail of my tofu bites.

Given this incredible February weather, we’re going to check out the Sunset Brunch at Sun& on the Palm this Friday and an al fresco lunch at Bussola‘s on Saturday with friends – I’m looking forward both!  What are you up to?


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