Weekend Links.

One week to go at work.  At the same time, can someone tell me where has January gone?!

  • I highly enjoyed this honest review of one of the top restaurants in America. While Hubs and I have been fortunate to enjoy fine dining, there have been one or two meals where we’ve thought, “What did we just pay for?” (via NYT).
  • Just a few weeks into the year, how healthy are you eating?  Check out Healthy Diets From Around the World (And Why You Should Try Them). (via CNT)
  • Got an extra AED100,000?  Here’s an (only in) Abu Dhabi Valentine’s Day idea… (It’s a bargain considering the AED399,000 you could drop in Dubai).
  • Dubai residents have become compulsive foodies. Here’s why… A good look at why we eat out ALL THE TIME in the Emirates. (via FooDiva).
  • Since she was kind enough to include me, I can’t help but give Rachel at Life on the Wedge a shout!  If you aren’t following her already, you need to start.

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Weekend Links.

Weekend Links.

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Weekend links.

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